I ship standard mail – I ship from Toronto, Canada
For shipments to the US the approximate shipping time is about 7-10 business days.

I ship in BLUE envelopes with card stock instructions so that you tattoos don’t bend and are protected when shipped.

RUSH shipping is only offered in the month OCTOBER when I travel frequently down to the USA to post shipments.

If you do not receive the item within 10 business days (excluding weekends) please e-mail me at to let me know about a shipment not received.

Please notify me within 45 days if you have not received your items. We will only give refunds or replacements if you notify us within this time frame.

Refunds and Exchanges

SugarTats is not responsible if the mailing address on the order was not correct, please double check you have entered the correct mailing address before you complete your order.
Refunds will not be issued on orders where customers have not provided the correct mailing addresses.

If you are unsatisfied with the item please contact us at
I am always interested in improving SugarTats products.

Please ship the unused item back to us (e-mail us for out mailing address)

An exchange will entitle you to another item with shipping included and you will only pay the difference if the new item is greater in value.

Exchanged items for an equal or lesser amount will simply be sent for free once the original item has been received.

For a return the item’s total price, including shipping, will be refunded only after the item has been received.

In both cases you will be responsible for the cost of shipping the item back to us.

Additional Policies and FAQs


Q: Can I apply the tattoos over white makeup?

No, Temporary tattoos like these have to be applied oil-free, clean skin. Nice freshly washed and dry skin, even facial oils will affect the adhesive when you’re applying the tattoos. Pay attention to the t-zone when your preparing your face canvas :)

You can add makeup once the tattoos are fully dried.
It is VERY important that the tattoo is fully dry before you apply any makeup.

About wet tattoos on you skin.

This is the time when the tattoos are at their most delicate, so try not to move you facial muscles around until the tattoos is fully dried (approx. 10 – 15 mins)

Also wet tattoos appear darker when wet, so wait till the tattoo is dry.

**Application Tips

When you are sticking the tattoo to your skin, press firmly and evenly for a few minutes – making sure the adhesive on the tattoo is stuck to your skin.

Dab a wet cloth or cotton pad over white paper part of the tattoo, while holding the tattoo in place with your hand, until the paper is saturated in water. Pay attention the corners :)

Carefully peel the corner of the tattoo to check if the tattoo has transferred, if not, press down and wet again.

Tattoos love water so even after the tattoo is applied use a cloth to pat down (don’t RUB!) They are delicate at this stage – when they are wet.

Apply your own makeup — be gentle with the tattoos but you can apply makeup with them and ON them as long as you are careful.

****Removal tips

Both alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and oil (baby oil) remove tattoos

But two oils I have around the house usually are coconut oil and olive oil, basically, oil will weakens the tattoo so whatever oil you have on hand is fine…Bonus is coconut oil is amazing for your skin.

So saturate the tattoo with oil and then use a face cloth OR textured side of a baby wipe/makeup removing cloth with a little of your own facial cleanser, gently and firmly wash off. If there are little bits left on the skin, dry your face, and use cello tape to pick up the little bits make sure face is completely dry before using the cello tape.

Last Updated March 1, 2014